About Savita Kitchen

Savita Bhavsar is the founder of the Savita's Kitchen. Her ultimate goal is to let people taste the delicious food cooked by her. Being a mother and wife she is cooking amazing food for more than 30 years. Currently, Savita's Kitchen is introducing the famous India Sweet "Coconut Barfi". It is completely homemade recipe where no additives and perservatives are used. Once you place an order, we cook it fresh for you and we deliver fresh to you. 

Savita Bhavsar was fond of cooking new dishes since she was a child. In her childhood her mother taught her how to cook a Barfi from coconut. Later, in her 20s she experimented many times with these recipe and then during the experiments she explored the magical recipe for Coconut Barfi. She used to cook it during the festivals and all the relatives, family and friends liked the taste of it. Hence, she decided that this new magical recipe should be tasted by everyone in this world. Here she go bringing you a delicious and mouth melting taste of homemade Coconut Barfi.

Savita Kitchen
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